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What is Audi Choice?

The time is apt to select an Audi that best reflects your aspiration and lifestyle.
We, at Audi Financial Services, understand that your Audi represents a valuable investment which you need to protect.

Introducing Audi Choice, an exclusive finance solution specifically tailored to meet the requirements of your Audi,
packaged with flexible finance products to give you complete peace of mind.

Audi Choice promises to offer an Assured Future Value for your new Audi, and the flexibility to choose from the options offered at the end of the term.

Benefits of Audi Choice

 45%* lower EMI for 3 years        Assured Future Value - Determined at the time of purchase
 Extended Warranty: 2+1 years        Eligible Models - Audi A3, Audi A4, Audi A6, Audi Q5 and the Audi Q3


Switch gears: Move from great to grand effortlessly.

Upgrade to the latest Audi model with ease.

Assuring the future value of your Audi puts you in a greater position to upgrade to a new Audi, at the end of your Audi Choice term.

End of Term Options

At the end of your loan tenure, you can select from the options offered to you, so you can continue planning ahead with your Audi.


In love with your Audi? Retain it.
Simply pay the balance amount at the end of tenure.


Enjoyed your Audi to the fullest?
At the end of tenure, simply return it to the dealership.




Can't get enough of your Audi?
Refinance it with us. Continue your tenure for another contract term.

Audi Choice Advantage

Experience the Audi Choice advantage of paying lower EMI than standard.

Model Ex-Showroom Price Loan Amount Audi Choice EMI Standard EMI
A3 3,199,000 3,199,000 64,120* 102,399*
A4 4,696,000 4,696,000 94,126* 150,317*
A6 5,101,000 5,101,000 102,244* 163,281*
Q3 4,361,000 4,361,000 87,412* 139,594*
Q5 5,998,000 5,998,000 120,223* 191,993*
*The above calculation is for 36 months. Product is also available for 48 months and 60 months.

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*Almost 45% savings as compared to regular finance.

#The ex-showroom price and EMI’s mentioned are for representation purpose only.

Audi Choice Features

Assured Future Value

Get an Assured Future Value for your Audi, determined at the time purchase.

Lower EMI

Audi Choice offers you 45%* lower EMI as compared to the standard EMIs payable.


A finance solution tailored for potential Audi owners who are looking for complete peace of mind at the end of loan term. You have the options to retain or return your car at end of the tenure. Low EMI (almost 45%* lower than std. loan) & Assured Future Value are the biggest advantages that Audi Choice offers you.

Extended Warranty

Audi Choice with Audi Financial Services, offers you Extended Warranty on your Audi:

 2+1 Year
 Peace of mind
 Transferable to subsequent buyers

Audi Support

Audi Choice extends to you every support
you need – pre as well as post sales, wherever and whenever.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Audi Choice?

A finance solution tailored for potential Audi owners who are looking for complete peace of mind at the end of loan term. You have the options to retain or return your car at end of the tenure. Low EMI (almost 45%* lower than std. loan) & Assured Future Value are the biggest advantages that Audi Choice offers you.

What is Assured Future Value?

Assured Future Value is the approximate re-sale value of the asset on net ex-showroom price, depending upon age, condition and mileage of the car. It also depends on external factors such as wear and tear. The Assured Future Value is committed by Audi dealer at the end of the loan term.

Which Audi models are eligible for Audi Choice programme?

Currently only Audi A6, Audi A3, Audi A4, Audi Q5 & Audi Q3 are offered under this programme.

Can I choose my own motor insurance provider?

You are required to purchase comprehensive motor insurance coverage recommended by the respective Audi Dealer. It is mandatory that the car has to be insured (comprehensive insurance) throughout the loan tenure.

Who is eligible for Audi Choice?

All salaried and non-salaried applicants are eligible as long as the overall credit underwriting conditions imposed by Audi Financial Services are met.

What is the maximum finance amount offered under Audi Choice programme?

Eligible customers can be funded up to 100% of the ex-showroom price meeting all the necessary conditions as per Volkswagen Financial Services credit policy.

How long is the tenure of this programme?

The tenure options offered currently are 36 months, 48 months and 60 months

How will I be assured of the residual value on my Audi?

A repurchase agreement will be signed between the dealer and you at the beginning of the finance contract indicating the assured residual percentage.

Can I foreclose the loan before the end of the loan tenure?

Yes, you have the right to foreclose the account at any time, however the repurchase agreement will be considered null and void.

What options do I get at the end of my tenure?

You get 4 options to consider before the end of your tenure:
Retain – You will retain the car at the end of loan tenure and pay the balloon amount to close the loan.
Refinance – If you wish to retain your Audi but need further funding to pay off the final balloon amount. The ROI will be decided at that point of time.
Return – You can return your Audi and pay the difference, if any, due to the nature of the wear and tear as defined in the repurchase agreement.
Upgrade – You can opt to return your vehicle and upgrade to buy a higher model of Audi

What are the conditions for return at the end of loan tenure?

The dealer, upon inspection, will decide whether you have adhered to the wear and tear guidelines in addition to complying with regular vehicle maintenance. If not, you will need to pay an additional amount.

What is the minimum loan to value?

The minimum loan to value in this product is 70% of ex-showroom price of an Audi.

In case of refinance will the current loan be closed or is the same loan contract extended?

The current loan will be closed in the system and a new loan contract will be signed.

What happens to the repurchase contract in the event of theft or total loss?

In case of theft or total loss prior to the end of tenure, it will be treated as a normal case and the repurchase agreement becomes void.

Who will settle/close the loan?

Since there will be a hypothecation or lien on the insurance copy in all Audi Choice cases, the insurance company gives preference to the finance company and settles their outstanding and pays the balance if any to the insurer. You will have to pay in case of an outstanding in the loan account, post settlement of insurance claim.